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Jan. 2nd, 2011 @ 04:31 am Reviews: Two months worth of concerts and theater!
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BPAL of the Day Nothing Gold Can Stay

Happy New Year! Last year was a pretty good one overall for me. I definitely had some spectacular moments and good adventures. I stuck with my 'resolution' all year and made great progress. I made some great musical (Lisa Gerrard in particular) and literary (Too many to list!) discoveries. I met some of my heroes, travelled and learned much at the conventions. It was a year of experiences and learning.

Not as exciting a NYE as last year. This post began in a Wolfeboro parking lot waiting for fireworks with my mother asleep. Hopefully Ed and Kelli will decide to do another NYE event in the future but there was none this year. :( (Obviously, or I would not have been posting LJ entries from a parking lot.)

Here are all the concert/theater reviews I have been neglecting over the past two months. Some are more like notations. It has been too long to review the earlier ones properly.

November 4th: Joan Baez

So long ago! Yikes. I'm afraid that I can't do much better than 'It was a good show.' Which it was. Joan Baez is always excellent to see live. She didn't seem in quite as perfect form as she did in Lebanon a couple years ago. Her voice sounded great, though.

**** 1/2 Stars.

November 10th: Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis.

One of those I went to so long ago that doing a 'review' is nearly impossible. It was the Capitol Center's fifteenth anniversary show and included a 'strolling' dinner and dessert reception. The Capitol Center was decorated beautifully but the dinner was overpriced for what was available for anyone who does not eat massive platefuls of food. I really just did it to support the CCA. The concert was very good. While not the kind of thing I regularly listen to, I could definitely appreciate the talent of the performers. It was a very professional show.

**** stars.

November 13th: Arlo Guthrie

It was the two year anniversary of my first Arlo Guthrie concert where I saw Ed Gerhard the first time. Much to my delight Ed was there again playing with Arlo. It was an excellent show all around and wonderful to see Ed playing with Arlo again!

***** Stars.

November 17th: Video Games Live

Easily the most exciting and fun of the November Capitol Center shows. They had a full orchestra, guitars, videos and a lot of energy and excitement. It was a free show, but I ended up spending more money buying Blu-Rays, books, T-shirts, etc than at any show in memory. An excellent evening!

***** Stars.

November 20th: Belly Dance Superstars

This is weird. I would have sworn that this show was after Jigu, but the brochure says it was on the 20th! We went to this with my niece. Both she and my mother enjoyed it. I liked it, but I'm not crazy about belly dance music. Still an entertaining show.

**** stars

November 21st: Jigu! Thunder Drums of China:

An entertaining little show with a nice variety of different drumming styles and costumes. A fun evening's entertainment.

**** stars.

November 26th: The Nutcracker

This was at the Palace Theatre in Manchester. It was a good production. A bit different from the CCA version. Perhaps a little more athletic and professional since the dancers were not all young students. I missed the Chinese dragon, though!

**** Stars.

December 4th: Ed Gerhard at the Belknap Mill.

I love seeing Ed at the Belknap Mill. It is such a charming and warm venue with full and rich sound. I managed to forget all my rings and my stick-on nails fell off, but otherwise I had a perfect seat and the concert was excellent, as always. His set list was a bit different as he mixed the holiday songs with some of the songs from his new album which is to come out soon.

***** Stars!

December 15th: WZID 'Christmas at the Palace' Holiday Concert.

I heard on one of Ed's newsletters that Ed would be performing a couple of songs at this show. It was very late when I found out but I got lucky and managed to get an acceptable ticket. It was a 'Variety' type show with an array of musicians and comedians. Ed did two rather wonderful songs 'What Child is This/Greensleeves' and 'Imagine.' Truly wonderful choices! It was a fun show overall, too.

**** 1/2 Stars.

December 17th: Ed Gerhard at the Unitarian Church in Portsmouth

While I have enjoyed all of Ed's concerts this one just seemed to be turned up a few notches on the perfection meter. Ed was in truly fine form with plenty of chatter. I like it best when he is in a chatty mood. :) He also performed the most breathtaking renditions of 'Imagine' and 'Across the Universe' imaginable. The sound was perfect. This may be the best concert of the year for sheer beauty and aching loveliness.

***** STARS!

December 18th: Ed Gerhard at the Unitarian Church in Portsmouth

This one was perhaps turned down a teeny bit from Friday's, but still gorgeous. The show was professional, elegant and went off without a hitch. Ed was a bit quieter this night. It was bittersweet since it was the last of the holiday shows. I will see him on the 12th of February in Connecticut and again on the 13th in Portsmouth.

***** Stars!

December 31st: Aine Minogue at Wolfeboro First Night.

Since there was sadly no NYE event with Ed. *sniff* We decided to go up to Wolfeboro to catch a couple of concerts and see the fireworks. I went primarily to see Aine Minogue. She is a Celtic harpist and singer. She played beautifully and I would definitely see her again sometime. I wish I had been able to catch both of her shows!

**** Stars.

And that is it for theater and concerts! I am seeing Sarah McLachlan tomorrow. I will be sure that review is up much quicker! I still have a frightening number of book reviews to tackle, but they will be done. If not all tomorrow, then certainly before Wednesday. I need to get caught up to start fresh for the new year!
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You've certainly kept yourself busy over the last year!

So, is 8pm going to work for you on Wednesday?